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Latest release is version 0.61

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Release Notes:

	     New 0.61 fobbit exe
	     Contains Dave's beta driver for XP SP2.
	     This version still displays 0.57 
	      (we need to recompile vb.exe with new version some time)

	     First release of fobbit_monitor (released as version 0.10)
				    provided and built by John J. Germs

	     Special thanks to csenthil and mdivya for their efforts on the Fobbit 2.6
	     kernel support. Fobbit should now work with the 2.6 kernel.
	     Fedora Core 2 & 3 rpms now available.
	     Rpms have been tweaked for smarter installation.
	     [[ -- quick rpm howto -- 
 	       1. Hook up the VOip
	       2. Install the rpm
 	       3. View the fobbit monitor in the applications menu ]]

VERSION 0.60rc1
             Mans added the ability to do end-to-end encryption. His
             notes include:
             1) Crypted sessions need to be setup over UDP as of yet.
             2) Regardless, it does crypt TCP traffic, too, after a session
                has been set up.
             3) Two new variables in vb.ini, REQUEST_CRYPT and ENABLE_CRYPT,
                to control the crypt feature.

             Please use usbvb-2.4.20.c in the linux_drv/ directory if you
             are compiling for kernel 2.4.20 or higher.

             Mans Huldan (pachuco) added the ability to minimize the fobbit
             program to the system tray in Windows. Additionally, the
             '-q' argument to the vb.exe program will start fobbit minimized to
             the system tray -- useful for those with fobbit in their statup

             No other significant changes were made to the code. Linux users can
             ignore this change, as it does not affect them. All backwards
             compatibility is retained. This release is not very fully tested,
             so please, report back to us with your results.

             Of course, as usual, you can simply replace your vb.exe with the
             one supplied.